When passion is lost, how do you get it back?

When passion is lost, how do you get it back?


For the past few years I have been getting such horrendous jobs. I mean the mind numbing hours I go through daily to try to convince myself that I don’t need to pay for bills and that I can find a better job is countless. I was having a conversation with my sister that day “Junior jobs are like that” She said. “At some points when things got so bad, I considered a change in career.”

I am sure that we have all seen the recent Simon Sinek viral video about millennials which had a lot of positive and negative comments circulating the social media. Whether what he said was right or wrong, I think one point sticks. We as leaders have a responsibility and that responsibility is called taking care of others. If leaders don’t “take care” of their team, then they are not leaders, they are managers.

One thing my boss recently told me “I am a teacher, I love teaching people, and when some my employees succeed because of my teachings then I have succeeded.” I am not the kind of person who likes to reply to narcissism but honestly, if I can’t write it out, then I am not a writer. Bosses need to sometimes take out the lense of “I am experienced and know better” and see through general eyes, because I can honestly say I have been working here for over 7 months, and not once did she teach me anything.

And that’s why I say, leaders have a responsibility, if daily you are not in check of the mistakes you are doing, and how you are NOT taking care of your team (instead of what mistakes they are doing) then honey, you are neither a leader nor a teacher.


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