5 Ways Your Smart Devices Are Too Smart


Remember those good old days when the only reason you got a phone was to play snake? Or the easiest way to send a song was when you put two phones on top of each other and let them have their way… through infrared?

Thinking back sure does make me nostalgic, but would I go back? No way.

Smart devices like smartphones and tablets have made our lives so much easier in day to day interactions.

Long gone are those days when you really wanted to know what your friend in a different city had for lunch, you had to wait for their monthly food picture sent by mail (no that never happened) now all we need to do is go on Instagram and find out what our friend’s daily meals are. It’s so much easier!

1. It takes you around the world


While still in the mood of reminiscing, long ago it was never an option to keep in contact with friends from around the world, what smart devices have done is they have given us easy accessibility to friends all over the world.

And not just friends, but also family members, celebrities and even politicians.

2. It’s your friend


Smart devices are so smart that they have earned our trust and have become our closest friends.

Some of you might not agree, but think of the moment when your phone falls by mistake, how much of a heart attack do you get?

And when your friend falls, how hard do you laugh?

And unlike a friend, smart devices are there for the whole run, also providing you with various beautiful calligraphy fonts and write notes, schedule meetings or add reminders without a cumbersome keyboard such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

So you can work on the go with precise accuracy whether you are multi-selecting a text that you want, dragging and dropping, quickly jotting notes down or visualise ideas as soon as it comes to mind, the S Pen greatly enhances your Tab experience.

3. It’s smarter than you are


We have reached a stage where it has become so easy to access all the information that we want.

But how do we access it? Through our smart devices. Because Google is just a click a way!

For example the Samsung Galaxy Tab A offers various free exclusive contents and services such as the 100GB of storage on the OneDrive for two years and free downloadable Galaxy Gifts content to deliver outstanding convenience for work and pleasure.

The Microsoft Office suite such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps are also preloaded into the Galaxy Tab A, fully ready for you to create or edit work seamlessly anytime anywhere.

So besides Google, smart devices offer many user friendly applications that make your daily life simpler.

4. It keeps you organised


We can find so many apps these days that help us organise day to day transactions: Google Analytics, S Health App, Google drive, calendar etc. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is designed for optimum productivity especially with the S Pen and its enhanced functionalities.

Samsung also delivers an efficient one-hand grip operation for everyday use. Packed with a suite of productivity software, this is the definition of on-the-go productivity.

Other productive apps are instilled to help modify your day to day work experience so you can even work when you’re outdoors with the Galaxy Tab A.

5. It’s so enjoyable


The Smart devices have become so enjoyable, that thats all you need for a pretty amazing evening. And you can get that from a small device, who has, let’s face it, smartly outdone things.


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