How I lost 10 kg in 10 months

Disclaimer: the diet I went on was absolutely not healthy for reasons I will mention in the article. The idea is to create awareness on how much we are willing to go through to lose that extra pound, where in fact we should be more aware and considerate of our health. 

I did not exercise, and I did not eat healthy food. You see the idea of exercising and eating well is to be a healthier person. I did not want that. I just wanted to lose weight. I was a 160 pound 20 year that was always criticised about her weight and how she looked. And I had convinced myself that the reason why people treated me in such a manner was because of how I looked like.


So what did I do?

I stopped eating after 6pm. I took it slow and easy, the first week I stopped eating after 10pm, the week after 9pm, then 8pm until I reached 6pm. Here was the problem with the diet. It’s that most of the time I reached home after 6pm so I could not have dinner, for days that I reached before 6pm I could eat as much as I wanted until my time limit.

Here’s why this diet was absolutely unhealthy and it left a toll on my body after that.A After 10 months, my body was used to no food, so I had to take extra measures to loose more weight, like skip lunch some days. When I got my sense back and decided to become healthy and not just a skinny bitch, I got gastric, stomach pains, and a weak body. Until this day, 3 years later, I have to take vitamins or iron pills to be able to get through the day with full energy.

If I don’t have dinner, I get the weirdest stomach aches that scream feed me. We all know that the healthy way to lose weight is to eat 5 meals a day but to make sure each meal is small and fits your body type and to exercise. When you don’t give your body the nutritions it needs from food, it loses a lot. And the worst to me has been the weakness my body has reached, to an extent that by 5pm I’m ready for bed.


On the other hand my latest diet has been salads, meats and lots of exercise. And nothing feels better than being healthy.


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