Why you should not plan an expensive wedding

We’ve all had the same friends ‘Yeah I’ve spent 10k on my wedding’, or ‘I’ve spent 20k on my wedding’ or my friends who have spent 200 000 on their wedding.

Yap 200k on a three day event that has long passed and will not come back, all you have is some pictures and a video to commemorate spending an amount that will take you years to pay back. Great job buddy!

Now grant it, it was 200k Malaysian Ringgit which amounts to¬†48 340 in our current economy (Nov,2017). But nevertheless, I’ve seen people spend 200 000k usd and more on a single day.

Here’s why I won’t ever do it:

1. It’s not for you, it’s for them


Whether it is the perfect venue, the seating chart, food, decoration and so on, in the end it is not for you. The number of invitees is always 100+ what you expected (yes I am exaggerating for purpose) and the only reason you have 40 extra tables and chairs is because your mum had to invite her high school friend that you never met, she’s family. But on and on even let’s imagine that it’s not for them, and you planned the perfect wedding and every single thing went right (yeah, and I’m Angelina Jolie’s long lost sister) you got that perfect location, and the cake is to die for. Answer me this honey, did you do it because that’s how you imagined it? Or did you do it because of how they will see it. Be honest.

2. It is literally one day


1 day. Your whole life, should not cost you a crazy amount. The sad part is that the wedding industry is a million dollar industry and it just keeps growing because we just want more. And then a year later, 2 years later, 10 years later, the glow has faded and all you’re left with is your significant other and a shitload of debt, and if you’re loaded then it’s worst, cos it’s just you and them baby.

3. So much travel!


Our generation worshop’s travel, and I am the first of this crowd. Think how many places you can go to?! My yearly New Years resolution of going to Greece can actually be achieved. I say have a small dinner, and spend a year of honeymooning around the world. Now that’s the dream.

4. Better do something with that cash


When I think about all the cash wasted, I almost faint, but on a serious note, I think of all the things, useful things that can achieved if that amount was put into use. You could quit your job, and open that small shop you’ve been dreaming about, you can buy a home, open a business, and I know I’ve already said this before but TRAVEL!

My goal has been (since I have worked in the events industry for a while now) to spend 330 USD dollars on my wedding. Nope that was not a typo, and yes I will do it.


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