Cherating: A hidden surfing GEM

Cherating is a resort town located on the east coast of Malaysia in Kuantan. This hidden surfing GEM is known to many surfers around the Southeast Asian crowd, for its amazing crowd, waves and weather.

While surfing in only applicable at Cherating during the monsoon season, from October to March. The waves are perfect for beginner surfers as well as huge ass waves that would leave me on my ass.

The best thing about Cherating, besides amazing views, is the people. A friendly crowd they call themselves #cheratingboys

A couple of amazing cafes on the road to the beach to check out include: Ombok and Loca cafe. Their unique theme invites hour long stays, year long friendships and creative meals.

Being only 3 hours away from the capital city ( 5 hours by bus, 3 hours by car -2.5 if I’m driving) Cherating is one the closest beach to KL city, and while the monsoon season its beach is enraged with waves, non-monsoon the beach has clear waters and sandy surface.


Turtle season is in April and August. As Cherating takes pride in it’s environmental friendly scene they mainly take such opportunities to release baby turtles back into the ocean, and to keep the area as clean as possible, every Sunday at 5pm is clean the beach day.

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